2006 Riesling

2006 Riesling

Tasting Date: 22 December 2015

 Delicate aromatics offer burnt-sugar, bees-wax and clay.  The palate is at once zesty and rich with marmalade, lime and ginger.  The mid-palate is honeyed with fresh, juicy stone-fruit and a salty-savoury finish.

Tasting Date: 1 August 2007

Light straw with a glimmer of lime, this delicious tasting Riesling has tantalising aromas of citrus zest and wet potter's clay and juicy, sherbetty, mouthwatering flavours of limes and tangelo with a touch of orange water, a suggestion of ginger and a piercingly pure and seemingly dry finish. But this beautifully balanced wine is actually off dry and imparts a honeyed, nectar-like nuance on the lingering, moreish aftertaste.
Sue Courtney, Wine of the Week, Aug 07, NZ


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