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2011 Vin Gris

We debated how to describe the colour: think 9 carat gold with the merest reflection of copper, maybe freshly cut maple wood. By no stretch of the imagination would anybody think rosé. The nose is wild strawberries and a hint of cream. The palate is intensely textural and mineral, dry but not harsh, reminiscent of a white Côte de Nuits, with the flavours continuing the strawberry and cream theme. This is sophisticated stuff, not simply a lunchtime amusement. 

Tasting Date: 24th March 2016

While the wine has classic Vin Gris strawberry and florals, it is still to young to benefit from the complexing of serious bottle age. Given the lighter character of the 2011 vintage, that complexity might be lacking in the material? Time will tell. Attractive and enjoyable rather than complex.


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