Nigel's thoughts....


It's finally starting to feel like spring. I returned to Central at the weekend to snow flurries and we?ve been stoking the fires every night, not to mention the vineyard team starting at 2.30am with frost-fighting, but hopefully, the warmth is creeping into the soil.

First shoots are out in Chardonnay and Riesling and we?re getting excited to hear barrels fizzing as the Malo kicks in properly. 2010 will be one of the most eagerly anticipated wines for us to taste in a while. We knew the 09's were good, and for quite a long time we have tended to go in a 2 year cycle between larger, earlier drinking vintages and smaller, more brooding ones. 09 and 10 break that mould, with both being about on target in size and very exciting in quality.

So to see two vintages with some similarity back to back is a rare chance to look at the more subtle factors: ones where yield and hot or cold don't play such an obvious part. 

Blair is back from his travels now, so we are back to full strength, ready to start planting some veggies and a few new vines.