Gareth King

The Pied Piper of Bannockburn continues to lead his merry international gang of interns around the vineyards. His ability to find the right bod for the job continues to astound. If you need somebody who can source you a Mongolian umbrella designer with a fondness for dandelion tea, then Gareth is your man. He will deliver you a choice of three before the day is out. Whether he could find you a viticulturist may be another question. Somehow though, Gareth and his bizarre but brilliant band get the job done to perfection.

After a lot of thought we have decided not to use Facebook or Twitter. We like longer conversations and for them to be personal not public. If we did it, it would be because it is a fashion and not because our heart is in it and that doesn’t feel right. So please email, or much better come and see us.