The Chooks: Whenever you are wandering through the vineyard, you’re liable to hear a curious little cluck and look down to see one of the girls come to see what your up to. Their coop is on wheels, so it shifts from place to place to share out the benefits of their foraging to the various parts of Elms Vineyard. A big question for debate is whether when the coop moves from Block 5 to Block 8, whether the eggs taste different. 

The cattle: At a recent conference on Biodynamics, after a presenter had been explaining how to make Prep 500 (dung overwintered in a buried cow's horn), a questioner raised their hand rather nervously: "Where do you get the cow's horns from?" he asked. "Cows." Came the terse reply.

So our Highland cattle are up in the hills supplying us not just with steak in the future, but also with somewhere to put our dung of a winter. And you thought your life was strange...

The goats: What do you say about a goat? After a brilliant early career reading applied topology at MIT he went on to eat briar bushes for the rest of his life? They're goats, they don't have CV's. They do taste good though.

Jancis: All wineries have dogs and we have a couple around: Bella and her daughter Bliss. But neither dare venture indoors at the winery, or even to close to the doors. For there lies Jancis. Normally she is lying, curled up tight in her bed, dreaming of the adventures of the night before. But woe betide the dog who dares to step onto her territory; they don’t try it twice. She may not be a Master of Wine like her names-sake but she is a of Mistress of Whiskers. And for her, that’s just as good.
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