Vineyard Crew

There are 118,400 vines out there; it's almost 139 km to walk the rows, so it takes a keen team to make it all happen.

Gareth leads, with Annabel as lieutenant (although we may have to promote her to “Major” following her win of both the Young Viticulturist and Young Horticulturist competitions in 2018!).  Annie and Bruce keep the casual staff focused on daily tasks.  Larissa works both inside (the winery) and out (the vineyard). Jordan, fresh from EIT Hawkes Bay, is our newest recruit and brings youthful passion asking many questions and trying to understand why Block 3 has a different structure than Block 5.   Kyoko still helps out when not tending her own vines.  Scott, after two years, you would have to say has passed his apprenticeship.  Danny raises (and kills) the goats and cattle, he also keeps us in plentiful supply of rabbits and hares.  Alex grows the veg and tends to the many amenity areas that the four properties have.  Jude is a full-time Mum who works in the vineyard part-time.  Jeanine is also part-time when she isn’t studying viticulture at the local Polytechnic.   Nicci, well, what doesn't Nicci do?

Each year the international brigade changes, with at least 7 or 8 countries represented. There always seems to be an American contingent, both sides of the 49th parallel, and sometimes some from the southern half of the continent. Germany and France are a given and Asia is normally represented. Most of the team have already studied viticulture at tertiary level, or have grown up on a family estate, learning on the job. With much of the vineyard work done by hand and every vine needing individual, careful attention, it is something of a labour of love, though it doesn't feel like it on a freezing morning with a block of vines to prune.

Whenever Gareth travels, he is able to meet up with alumni of the unofficial Felton Road biodynamic intern programme.  A testament to the reach of our vines.

After a lot of thought we have decided not to use Facebook or Twitter. We like longer conversations and for them to be personal not public. If we did it, it would be because it is a fashion and not because our heart is in it and that doesn’t feel right. So please email, or much better come and see us.