Moon day 26

21st October

With the warming soil and air temperatures, the vines are finally bursting out in bud after their dormant period over the long cold winter. By mid-month, the vine rows will be a sea of green with the emerging shoots and leaves. Gareth and his vineyard team are on high alert with the tender new growth being particularly vulnerable to damage from frost. Frost protection systems are maintained to be ready and reliable in order to protect the vines. Trying to service broken gear at 4am in pitch darkness and freezing conditions is not something anybody does happily.  Depending upon the ground cover growth, a pass with the under-vine weeder may be required to help keep the air circulating below the shoots to reduce frost risk. 

Some redevelopment is happening in Block 2 where we have removed some own rooted Riesling and Pinot Noir, to be replanted with our own selection of Mendoza clone Chardonnay grafted onto rootstock. This will be at a higher vine density to further maximise the high suitability of the soils in Block 2 which makes our mineral, detailed and focussed style of Chardonnay.

The 2018 vintage Rieslings are released at the end of the month along with the 2017 Chardonnays from Blocks 2 and 6, as well as the 2017 Calvert and Block 5 Pinot Noirs. The malolactics in the 2018's are starting naturally in the warming cellars and apart from checking for popped bungs, it is usually a very quiet period in the winery. 


After a lot of thought we have decided not to use Facebook or Twitter. We like longer conversations and for them to be personal not public. If we did it, it would be because it is a fashion and not because our heart is in it and that doesn’t feel right. So please email, or much better come and see us.