Moon day 9

19th August

The cold temperatures and short days of a Central Otago winter continue to drag on. So does pruning. A fresh fall of snow on the surrounding mountains will see the pruning team take a welcome break to enjoy some skiing at the nearby ski fields. By the end of the month, the first welcome signs of spring will pleasingly appear with the fruit trees coming out in spectacular blossom.
The 2018 Block 2 and Block 6 Chardonnays and Block 5 and Calvert Pinot Noirs will be carefully racked from barrel ready for bottling. The 2019 Rieslings will also be racked off lees and bottled. The 2019 Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays are resting in the cold cellars; a recent tasting showed this to be another exciting and exacting vintage. 

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