Moon day 18

18th July

That pruning just keeps on happening... a hundred and twenty thousand vines... easy to write... just try to do each one by hand.
With many days not getting much above zero degrees, the time has come for some curling on the outside dams within the Central Otago region and if conditions prevail, then perhaps a Bonspiel will be called. Snow is low on the hills around us and the pruning team are dreaming of swapping secateurs for ski poles. 

The first of the 2017 Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays have been released and are finding their way to our many and varied markets around the world. These are very exciting wines and quite a contrast from the 2016’s: more opulent fruit weight and texture from this lower yielding and slower ripening vintage. 

A recent tasting of  the 2018 Pinot Noirs from barrel shows they are settling down well and have been gaining in stature and depth. Even though they are very cold and rather unyielding in their pre-malolactic youthful state, it is clear that they are not showing any adverse signs after the very warm spring and summer we experienced this year. Fortunately, the four to six weeks prior to harvest was considerably cooler (the coolest February since 2004) and it is again apparent that this period is quite influential to the style and eventual quality of the wine.

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