Moon day 13

7th July

That pruning just keeps on happening... a hundred and twenty thousand vines... easy to write... just try to do each one by hand.
With many days not getting much above zero degrees, the time has come for some curling on the outside dams within the Central Otago region and if conditions prevail, then perhaps a Bonspiel will be called. Snow is low on the hills around us and the pruning team are dreaming of swapping secateurs for ski poles. 

The first of the 2018 wines have been released. What has been immediately apparent is the sharp increase in demand as well as a positive reception of their quality. They always sell out, but the 18’s are selling out with a serious, unprecedented urgency. Bearing in mind this is a (close to) full size vintage, it raises questions as to whether there will ever be any more Felton Road? The simple answer is no. We will stick to our zero growth policy and what you see now is all there will be.

The 2019’s are fast asleep in the cellars. They looked so exciting at vintage that it might be tempting to start taking a peek, but we generally hold our nerve until the malo is completing in the spring. Like the warmer weather it is something we always keenly look forward to. 


After a lot of thought we have decided not to use Facebook or Twitter. We like longer conversations and for them to be personal not public. If we did it, it would be because it is a fashion and not because our heart is in it and that doesn’t feel right. So please email, or much better come and see us.