Nigel's thoughts....


I started with a resolution to keep up a vintage blog, but wine needs to get made, people need feeding, family need to be seen on occasion, so it all gets a bit fraught.  Today is the last day of picking.  We arrive to find out that Andrew and Nicole (Andrew sells our wine in South Australia and has been staying in the winery apartment for the last couple of nights) have some news.  At dawn, he took Nicole into Block 3 and proposed.  Having made it clear he would share his allocation with her, she immediately accepted (naturally after getting it in writing).  

Then the news comes in that Danny, our stockman has encountered a 9 point stag with its head caught in a fence.  It is now an ex 9 point stag and we debate the butchering of same for lunches over the next few weeks. I'm a bit short of freezer space, having moved 200kg of Highland beef down to a freezer container, so we'll be juggling where this one goes.  Not an issue for the veggies, but a daily part of our routine.

Anyway, in an hours time all will be in, looking good and the winemaker has a smile on his face. 

All is well in the world.