Into thin air....

OK, it is now official… I can announce that a team from Cornish Point Wines UK has made an ascent of the export cliff between the UK and the EU.  The team required a team of 16 Sherpas just to carry the paperwork, which took almost 3 months to perfect. 

“We were just looking for a window to open along the route.” explained their leader. “With that many documents in a highly unstable condition there was always the extreme danger of avalanche and being buried without any chance of rescue”.  After several false starts and setbacks in the very hostile environment an advance camp was established on a freight ferry from the UK to Spain. The team almost had to abandon when it was faced with a cliff of  VI1 demand’s: “the biggest I’ve ever seen”. But a final push through was established and on Monday the cold winds held off just long enough to enable the 2 pallets of wine to emerge on the summit.  

“We had a brilliant window early on which we thought would give us a quick dash to the top, back in December, but then the ports were closed and so the chance to use the traditional pre-Brexit pass was gone. That left the only route availble as an unknown and uncharted morass of crevaces and slippery slopes.” This combined with the worst run of beaurocratic storms the region has ever seen. 

The team have now successfully returned to their home bases with the wine in a secure location in Barcelona. “It will be a long time before I’ll try that one again. I nearly lost three fingers in a copying machine along the way. It’s just not worth it.” said one of the summit team.

Nigel and the team at Cornish Point Wines and Felton Road