Vintage Summary 2009

The season started with a normal spring, neither hot nor cool with normal rainfall. There were the usual occasional frost events that were able to be successfully fought. Good weather over flowering resulted in an excellent fruit set. The summer was on the cool side and then February which is normally our warmest and most stable month, was unseasonably cool and wet (although wet for us is still only 48mm but falling on six occasions). In recognition of the cooler summer and then the cool February we were determined to keep crop levels down, so crop thinned more aggressively than normal. Also in recognition of the wet February, we leaf plucked exposing the fruit which is not usual for us. March was a return to normal warm and stable weather and the vines ripened very smoothly and holding great canopy despite the challenges in the weather.2009 was, for the third season in a row, an early pick for us compared to most other wineries. Picking started on April 2 and was completed on April 22. Fruit quality was near perfect: small berries and bunches and considering the wet February virtually no disease anywhere (a good advert for organics!). Quantity was exactly on target averaging about 5-5.5 t/ha for Pinot Noir. The young wines are showing beautiful aromatics and a purity of fruit expression that is quite thrilling: these are some of the prettiest young wines we have ever seen and should have the potential to match the great 2007's.