Vintage Summary 2014

Following an unusually wet and significantly warmer winter than usual, the heightened soil moisture and mild conditions gave rise to an early bud burst followed by even and rapid early season growth. October saw some sleepless nights for the vineyard team with low-lying snow keeping the threat of frost ever present. A mixture of good fortune and careful management of inter-row crops kept the threat at bay. After a warm and unseasonably calm and dry November, flowering and fruit set was early and occurred in excellent conditions. Veraison also started early but some cooler weather in February meant it progressed slowly. This was advantageous as it helped to delay the final ripening period from occurring in the usual heat we can experience in early to mid-March. Harvest began early on March 20 with stable and mild weather throughout and normal crop levels. Picking of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir was completed by April 8 with the Riesling finishing on April 14th.